Content and Art in the times of AI

Are we seeing the last generation of Human Writers, Poets and Artists today ? With the rise of chat generated AI (Artificial Intelligence) system, that seems to be the most pertinent question we face today. We have seen countless revolutions like Agriculture Revolution around 10000 years ago, Industrial revolution a few centuries ago, Internet Revolution a few decades ago. Will AI bring a revolution too? And how will AI revolution affect our day to day lives and will it diminish human capabilities?

Well chat based AI system will do to writing and content, similar to what Calculator did to maths, Internet did to memory. Sure, you will learn how to write in schools, but it will be of no practical usage in real life, similar to the students who learn calculus in schools, but complain of never getting it to apply in real life.

Or would we become a generation of editors instead of writers? It means that we will use the chat based AI as a starting point to get a draft of what we want to write, and then edit it according to our needs.

And what about Artists? Well, we will see a new generation of AI artists, who will use AI to refine the art according to their vision. The basic ability of AI artists will be to give correct prompts to AI to generate Art according to their vision.

So what i will do in this article is that instead of boring you by giving lectures, i will provide you with the tools that you can try for yourself to understand the impact of AI on content-

1) Chat-based AI-

Well, if you are updated with current happenings, you would have definitely heard about Chatgpt. If you have not tried it out, please try it out once to see the magic. Here are the things you can try asking it-

  • Travel itinerary to the place you are going to travel
  • Planning your dream proposal, birthday party or anniversary
  • Writing a poem on you
  • Writing a murder mystery based on imaginary characters you provide
  • Playing a game of tic tac toe
Here is a game of tic tac toe played between me and chatgpt

There are other chat based AI models too like-
Microsoft’s New Bing, Google’s Bard, Amazon Lex etc

2) Art based AI

What if i say you can generate Art with whatever spooky idea you have on your mind, just by giving right text prompt. Well here is one text prompt i gave Dall E, the Art based AI of Open AI and the result is just hilarious.

You can try following tools to create AI art (so keep your thinking caps ready)-

Dall E by Open AI
Deep Dream Generator
Art Code AI

3) Music

Well AI can compose music for you by using simple words in the style of Mozart to Beatles. Here are some tools you can try-

Musenet by Open AI
MusicLM by Google
Amper Music

Music LM is developed by Google to transform text to music


Well, you will soon see coding also outsourced to AI. Here are some tools which will transform your simple natural words into codes of your favourite programming language like python, javascript or C++ :

Codex by Open AI
Deep TabNine
AI coders

A demo of Codex by Open AI

5) Religion –

Here are some apps which can give you spiritual guidance from your favourite holy text (seems like Religious priests jobs are in stake too)-

Gita Gpt
AI God Chat
Virtual ifta

GitaGPT will make you talk directly to Lord Krishna

6) Here are some fun things you can do with AI-

Login to the api section of Open AI to do fun things like converting a movie name into emoji, create a recipe or try the sarcastic chatbot Marv.

Convert movie name into emoji through OpenAI API


Soon, AI will become an integral part of our life just like internet today. We will outsource majority of our work to AI. But there are still certain things which AI cannot do like writing through human experience, culture or values. Sure, AI can be creative as we can see with all the apps I mentioned above. But we have to wait for AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) to come to the picture. But until we reach there, there is still a lot of scope for human intelligence. But it will be foolish to believe that AI cannot surpass human intelligence. Lets see what our future holds.


7 thoughts on “Content and Art in the times of AI

  1. Yup. I’m very interested in how AI will develop, but today is just a glimpse of its true potential. Just 20 years ago we didn’t expect the smartphone to be what it is today. Who knows what’ll happen 20 years from now?

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