Love without expectations, shall we?

Can we love someone without expecting anything from them? Is it possible to attain selfless love? Well, some philosophers believe that human nature is inherently selfish. Even when we do charity for others, there is a selfish reason to feel good ourselves. But with practice, selfless love can be achieved.

When we are loving someone, we must ask ourselves that are we expecting something from them? Is it our lust and desires overpowering our love? Or do we want to chain them in a relationship so that they don’t run away from us?

Because love only blossoms in freedom, not in shackles. Love gives freedom. Love don’t want to change the other person according to their own needs and desires, rather it changes you as a person. Love takes you in a journey of self exploration with your inner self. Love only gives, without expecting anything in return.

So we must ask ourselves that is our love really pure? Or is it just the manifestation of our own needs and desires. Are we loving someone to take respite from our loneliness? Or do we really love them the way they are.

The first step in the journey of selfless love is to love yourself first. Because you can only give love, if you have love. In our surroundings, you must have seen people begging for other person’s love. You should not be a beggar but a giver. Then only love will come your way.

For some people, love can mean to be oneself with the higher spirit. Mira Bai, the 16th century devotee of Lord Krishna in India, left all the worldly attachments, to be oneself with her selfless love for Lord Krishna. Surdas, the 15th Century devotee of Lord Krishna, described his beloved Krishna’s appearance despite being blind in a way other could not have described despite having vision.

Lately, i have been watching Osho’s videos, and I am sharing a link below, which will give you more clarity about selfless love-

In essence, selfless love means to only give and give, and not expect anything in return. So, we must self introspect to understand that is our love really pure? Because only pure love can connect you with the higher spirit. I am ending my post with a quote from Kabir Das, which will help you self-introspect-

बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा न मिलिया कोय। जो दिल खोजा आपना, मुझसे बुरा न कोय।।

“When I went searching for evil in this world, I could not find anything bad. When I looked into my mind, I found that there is nothing worse than me.”


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