Love without expectations, shall we?

Can we love someone without expecting anything from them? Is it possible to attain selfless love? Well, some philosophers believe that human nature is inherently selfish. Even when we do charity for others, there is a selfish reason to feel good ourselves. But with practice, selfless love can be achieved. When we are loving someone, … Continue reading Love without expectations, shall we?

Dualism – the Concept of Yin and Yang

Light and DarkCathode and AnodeElectrons and ProtonsPositive and NegativeSky and EarthHot and ColdWinter and SummerGood and EvilOrder and DisorderMale and FemaleYin and Yang Our Universe is comprised of two opposite forces. The Ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang propagates this dualism describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and … Continue reading Dualism – the Concept of Yin and Yang