The Gift of the New World (Americas) to the Old World

Can you imagine that just around 500 years ago, more than half of the world did not know about crops such as tomatoes, potatoes, chillies, pineapples, corn, beans, peanuts, avocado, chocolate, vanilla, sunflower, papaya, pumpkin, gourd and even tobacco. Yes, that was the diet of the Old World based around cereal grains and starches along … Continue reading The Gift of the New World (Americas) to the Old World

Love without expectations, shall we?

Can we love someone without expecting anything from them? Is it possible to attain selfless love? Well, some philosophers believe that human nature is inherently selfish. Even when we do charity for others, there is a selfish reason to feel good ourselves. But with practice, selfless love can be achieved. When we are loving someone, … Continue reading Love without expectations, shall we?

Why females are choosier than males?

We find that in every species in the Earth, females are choosy while selecting their mates. This is because nature has entrusted females with the ability of creation and she must ensure that only the best gets to spread their genes to the future generation. This also corroborates with the Theory of Natural Selection and … Continue reading Why females are choosier than males?

Content and Art in the times of AI

Are we seeing the last generation of Human Writers, Poets and Artists today ? With the rise of chat generated AI (Artificial Intelligence) system, that seems to be the most pertinent question we face today. We have seen countless revolutions like Agriculture Revolution around 10000 years ago, Industrial revolution a few centuries ago, Internet Revolution … Continue reading Content and Art in the times of AI

What makes Homo Sapiens so special?

Since life started on earth around 4 billion years ago, there have been millions of species that existed on Earth. But have you wondered why any of them could not dominate the entire Earth like Homo Sapiens? Why any of the species except humans could not set foot on moon? Why any of the species … Continue reading What makes Homo Sapiens so special?

Nationalism – Growth and Prospects in 21st Century

"Patriotism cannot be our final spiritual shelter; my refuge is humanity." - Rabindranath Tagore  Nation is the part of our identity. Many people are willing to sacrifice their life to protect their nation. People proudly raise their Natinal flag and sing National Anthem to prove their allegiance to Nation. It is a powerful force which … Continue reading Nationalism – Growth and Prospects in 21st Century

Origins of Religion- An Analysis

Religion influences our lives immensely. It gives us hope and faith. Sometimes it also becomes a reason for conflict. But how did it come into existence? Let us analyse- #Origins of Polytheistic Religion Ancient Humans were hunter gatherers. They used to migrate from one place to another and never settled at one place. The invention … Continue reading Origins of Religion- An Analysis

Dualism – the Concept of Yin and Yang

Light and DarkCathode and AnodeElectrons and ProtonsPositive and NegativeSky and EarthHot and ColdWinter and SummerGood and EvilOrder and DisorderMale and FemaleYin and Yang Our Universe is comprised of two opposite forces. The Ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang propagates this dualism describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and … Continue reading Dualism – the Concept of Yin and Yang